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Aniplast has a thirty- year experience in the field. It made and used the first cover in Apulia on a plant owned by the same company. The considerable experience gained, the contribution of human resources and the remarkable technological development, make our company a real landmark in the market of plastic film coverings and of nets for vineyards and orchards.

European leader in the covering of cherry orchards.

Aniplast is one of the most important producers of polyethylene films for agriculture and gardening; it is the European leader in the covering of cherry orchards.

Primarily the company focuses on agriculture and it produces:

  • Polyethylene film for agriculture;
  • Film covers for vineyards, cherry farms and orchards;
  • Shading nets, windbreak and anti-hail protections;
  • All necessary mounting accessories.

Purposes of our products

  • To anticipate the maturation period and to protect the products against hail and rain;
  • To postpone harvesting
  • To protect the harvest against wind and hail by using anti-hail nets.

Our products

Protection Systems for Plants

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